The tech Valentine’s guide for the last minute romantic

If you’re the kind of man who only realises they’ve forgotten Valentine’s Day when their partner changes their Facebook relationship status to “it’s complicated”, then school yourself on some quick fire, tech savvy ways to win their heart in the nick of time.

It’s hard to be a man on Valentine’s Day. A very small number of us manage to pull off the grand romantic gestures in plenty of time, but for most of us it’s a last minute rush to the newsagents for a bunch of daffodils and a Kit Kat Chunky as a token of our love. If that sounds familiar, then take a leap into the 21st Century, because there are a host of tech-friendly techniques that will make you turn you from lovelorn to lothario without maxing out your credit card or turning your hair grey from stress.

Last minute message of love
Problem: Forgot to buy a card
Solution: Send them a song with LaDiDa


What better message of love can you give than a bespoke serenade that tells of your undying passion? You can’t use the excuse of “I’m tone deaf” anymore, because the LaDiDa app will sort that out for you. You choose a music style and a tempo, and the app will correct the pitch of your voice to suit the music.

Even if it doesn’t sound all that romantic, it’ll be cute and funny, so either way you’ll be off to a great start. Although the LaDiDa app sorts out your voice, the lyrics are down to you, so make them good.


Last minute flowers

Problem: Forgot to buy flowers

Solution: Interflora Gift Flowers to your Friends


Valentine’s Day and flowers go hand in hand, so there’s no excuse for not getting flowers to express your love (unless they’re allergic, in which case getting flowers is definitely sending them mixed signals). While you stall for time, use Interflora’s Gift Flowers to your Friends app to send them a bouquet of roses and have them sent the very same day (so long as you order before 3pm). Not only will you look amazing for having bought flowers, but you’ll have them delivered on the special day, just for them.


Last minute gifts

Problem: It’s two weeks until payday and you need a romantic gift

Solution: Make a digital mix tape with Spotify and iTunes


Mix tapes are old school romantic gestures that seem to have gone out of fashion with the rise of the playlist. Still, nothing will pull their heartstrings more than a bespoke compilation with handpicked songs that reflect your relationship.


You can look at their playlists on Spotify, YouTube and to see what kind of music they’ve been listening to, and then download their favourite tracks on iTunes or Google Play Music. Throw in some classic love songs from Billy Joel and Bon Jovi and present them in a gift-wrapped flash drive.


Last minute meals

Problem: Haven’t booked a fancy, romantic restaurant

Solution: Bookatable app


I once tried to book a table for Valentine’s Day on the day itself (which also coincided with a rugby match in the city). I didn’t get a table, and I got the silent treatment for days afterwards. I don’t want that to happen to you, so if you’re stuck for a restaurant that has available space, take a look at the Bookatable app. The app searches for nearby restaurants, filtered by price and food type, and allows you to book on the go. Now you can take your date on a walk around town while you find and book a table, all the while pretending that you know exactly where you’re going.

Even if it’s the morning of Valentine’s Day and you’ve not done a single thing in preparation, the arsenal of smartphone apps at your fingertips means that you’ll look like the greatest romantic on the planet. Good luck, lover boy.


This article was written free of charge by Jamie Gibbs, the resident lifestyle blogger and hopeless romantic (emphasis on the ‘hopeless’) for credit card comparison site