#TheNewGalaxy S7 – Latest Samsung S7 Rumours

Samsung Galaxy S7 release date, rumours and specs.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 was one of the most popular devices of 2015 but will the Samsung S7 be at the top this year?… We’re not too sure!

To kick off the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona on the 21st of February, Samsung will be revealing The Next Galaxy. Samsung promises that “this next step is bigger than any we’ve taken so far”, indicating we might see a lot more than just a new phone.

Rumours suggest the New Samsung Galaxy S7 could go on pre-order on the day of  launch and with the pre-order you’ll get a free Gear VR Headset. The Gear VR is a virtual reality headset that uses Samsung’s latest devices to play VR content. You can check it out in their latest video:

Expectations aren’t as high as the S6 for the look and feel of the phone, with only curvier edges on the back and a flatter camera bump. Recently leaked photos show that Samsung have moved away from the white colour schemes and gone for a much darker colour range overall.

Although there may not be much difference in the look of the phone, we expect there to be improvements in the performance and picture quality.


Galaxy S7 front and back

One downfall which Galaxy S6 users experienced was the battery life.  It has been reported that the Samsung S7 will have a 3,000mAh battery, although some state a 2800mAh battery; however, whichever battery is revealed, the phone will include new software and hardware efficiencies to improve the battery life.

Samsung’s official Twitter page covers topics like:

Capture every angle, change your idea of what a camera can do!

The latest leaks revealed that the Samsung S7 will have a 12MP camera with new technology, which allows more smaller pixels to be packed into a smaller image sensor, delivering sharper and brighter images.

Change your idea of what a phone can handle

This new video shows a girl dropping her phone into a pool, suggesting that the new Samsung S7 will be fully waterproof!



Just bear in mind that all this information is rumours as of yet, but you don’t have to wait too long for the official details. We will keep you posted!







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