Samsung deliver their hot, new, upgraded Galaxy S9 to the world

It may be freezing in Europe currently, but that has not stopped Samsung delivering their hot, new, upgraded Galaxy S9 to the world.

Here at Envirofone Shop we are excited to discuss what’s different and why you should be looking at the Galaxy S9 as your new upgrade.

Firstly, we cover the main subject and selling point Samsung have rolled out, branding their new flagships showcase in Barcelona as “The Camera. Reimagined”

So what does this mean, and what’s different to the Galaxy S8?

We start with the lens and how it adjusts to low lights, quite like our eyes do when adaptation occurs. This means picking up livelier colours and making pictures which usually look dull, have much more contrast.

Slow motion has become a common feature on the flagship devices over the last couple of years and Samsung have now made it even better, how you ask? It is now 4 times slower than previously released, in technical terms it allows 1/120 second-snapshots and 960 frames-per-second recordings.

Samsung have also released animated emoji’s that mirror your facial expressions so you can personally reply to messages with how we perceived their reply. Whether that be would laughing, smiling or making a funny face. The camera will collect your facial details and form an emoji version of yourself.

Moving along from the camera features, the Galaxy S9 retains a IP68 waterproof rating so you can capture some great clips on your water expedition.

The super AMOLED is a beauty with an edge-to-edge display of 5.8 inch (6.2 for the S9+). Producing a crisp 570 ppi (pixel density) the display is great in all viewing angles.

To top of the superb display, they have upgraded the sound quality with AKG speakers, which have been enhanced with Dolby Atmos, meaning videos watched won’t be compromised by the sound quality.

The finger print scanner has now been moved to more of an accessible area on the back, just below the dual camera lenses.

The hardware has got a few upgrades with Android Oreo available straight out of the box. The Snapdragon Chipset’s been updated to the latest available, as has the CPU (central processing unit) and the GPU (graphics processing unit).

There are also larger memory options now with 64, 128 and 256GB internal memory options available. You can also add a memory card of up to 256GB, meaning you can potentially have 512GB, to fill to your hearts desire.

The Galaxy S9 and S9+ come in 4 colour options, Midnight Black, Coral Blue, Titanium Gray and Lilac Purple.

All the above, a 12MP rear camera, 9MP front facing camera, corning gorilla glass 5 and 4K video recording (naming only a few features) wraps up the Galaxy S9 release.

Is this going to be your new upgrade?

Please comment your opinions below and let us know what you think!

You can trade in your current Samsung Galaxy S8 for £260.00 or £300.00 for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus at the below link.*


*Prices are subject to change and the price listed is the website price as of the 26/02/2018.

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