ZTE Open Firefox phone available Friday in the UK

ZTE OpenIf you can’t picture the ZTE Open, that’s OK, as it hasn’t spent much time in the UK limelight just yet. However, that’s all set to change later this week, as the phone is going to be put on sale for us all to snap up. Why would you want to? It’s one of the very first smartphones to run Mozilla’s Firefox OS.

Firefox OS is an alternative to Android, and in particular, cheap Android phones. It’s designed to operate using open web standards, and is therefore very easy for developers to create applications, all of which will be available through the Firefox Marketplace app store.

The ZTE Open made its debut at Mobile World Congress earlier this year, and has since gone on sale in Spain. At first, a UK launch was in doubt, however ZTE has now confirmed it will be selling the Open through its own eBay store from this Friday. It’s a bargain too, as to secure your own ZTE Open, you’ll need just £60.

That’s £60 for a SIM-free smartphone, using a brand new operating system, and we don’t think it’s a bad deal. Naturally, for this price, one can’t expect the Open to have a high specification, and sure enough it’s a very basic device. You get a 3.5-inch screen, a 1GHz single core processor, a 3.2-megapixel camera, 3G and Wi-Fi.

Still it comes in a fetching orange colour, and is completely unlocked and ready to be connected to your network of choice. Will you be grabbing a ZTE Open later this week?

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