ZTE announces Blade Q, Blade Q Mini and Blade Q Max, a trio of budget smartphones

ZTE Blade QZTE has taken a leaf out of Archos’ book, by releasing not just one phone, but a whole series of budget Android phones differentiated by the size of their screens. The Blade Q is joined by the Blade Q Mini and the Blade Q Maxi, all of which use a dual-core processor.

The chip is one of MediaTek’s dual-core 1.3GHz processors, which have begun to show in a variety of reasonably priced phones, but usually in quad-core form. Expect this to have a dramatic effect on the Blade Q’s pricing. Joining the chip is a single gigabyte of RAM, plus 4GB of storage memory.

A 5-megapixel camera sits on the back of all three phones, although the Mini doesn’t have a forward facing VGA video call camera. Wi-Fi is standard, as is Bluetooth 4.0, GPS, an FM radio, and HD Voice for the best possible call quality. Android 4.2 is the operating system, and it comes with Evernote and Dropbox already installed, and we’d imagine a little ZTE magic over the top of Google’s UI too.

So, that leaves the screen sizes. The Blade Q Mini is the smallest with a 4-inch screen and a 480 x 800 pixel resolution. Move up to the Blade Q and the screen becomes a 4.5-inch display, with 480 x 854 pixels. Finally, the Blade Q Maxi has a big 5-inch screen, but the resolution is the same as the regular Blade Q, so don’t expect it to be the sharpest display around.

ZTE says all three are coming to Europe soon, but hasn’t confirmed when they’ll be coming to the UK, or their respective prices.

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