Yay for YouTube! iOS app finally gets iPad support

YouTube App LogoWhen Apple updated its iOS mobile operating system to version 6.0, it removed almost all traces of Google from it, and while the disappearance of Google Maps, and subsequent arrival of Apple Maps caused the most controversy, many missed the standard YouTube app just as much.

To Google’s credit, it produced a standalone YouTube app for the iPhone almost immediately, except it was a bit of a rush job and didn’t include several important features. Worst of all, it didn’t support the iPhone 5’s elongated screen or the iPad either. It needed fixing and although Google has taken its time, we’re pleased to see a substantial update arrive this week.

The YouTube app is now universal, so it’s compatible with both the iPhone and the iPad, plus Google has enhanced it for the iPhone 5 so it fits the new 4-inch screen perfectly. It’s a great experience on the iPad too, a considerable improvement over the old iOS version, plus we should see regular tweaks too — something that never happened when it was part of Apple’s operating system.

Google has given the app AirPlay support, so if you’re lucky enough to own an Apple TV, videos watched on your iPhone or iPad can be streamed directly to it, provided they’re both connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Playlists have been tweaked with the ability to add or remove videos, and the overall performance has been improved too.

The app is available for free through iTunes, but if you’ve already downloaded it a quick check of your app updates should see the new version ready to be applied.

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