Windows Phone 7.8 update won’t be out until early next year

Windows Phone 7.8Microsoft’s way of apologising to all those who purchased Windows Phone 7 devices, only to discover they weren’t going to get an update to Windows Phone 8, was to announce Windows Phone 7.8, a sort of halfway house in-between the two operating systems. It did so during the June unveiling of WP8, but has stayed quiet concerning its arrival ever since.

However, Microsoft has now provided a little more information on not only the arrival date, but also the features it will contain too. In a post written by the corporate vice president of Windows Phone, and published on the official Windows Phone Blog, it has been confirmed that WP7.8 will feature new themes and 20 new accent colours, in addition to the new Windows Phone 8 Start screen we already knew about.

Owners will also be able to set the Bing Picture of the Day automatically on their lock screens, plus a more secure password system will be added too. According to the post, Microsoft is working with networks and manufacturers to get the update approved quickly, and while the update will start to appear on brand new Windows Phone 7 devices soon, it won’t be sent out to Windows Phone 7.5 handsets until “early 2013.”

Exactly when remains a mystery, but with Mobile World Congress scheduled for the end of February, and rumours gathering that Microsoft will discuss the first update to Windows Phone 8 at the event, it seems like a good chance we’ll learn more then.

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