Where to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the UK

Galaxy S4 frontThe Samsung Galaxy S4 is here, and it’s very exciting indeed. If you watched the bizarre launch event, read all about the hardware specifications and absorbed every last detail on each of the new software features, then you’ll be wanting to know where and when you’ll be able to buy one. All the major networks in the UK have announced they’ll be carrying the Galaxy S4, so to make it easier to find it, we’ve gathered all the early information in one place below.


You can register for updates with EE right now, but it hasn’t provided any information on pricing or release date. What it has said though, is the phone will be compatible with its 4G LTE network, so if you want the fastest data speed possible on your new Samsung phone, EE’s the place to go.


Sign up with Three for updates on the Galaxy S4’s availability here, but like the others, it hasn’t given us any clues on when the phone will be out. Three says the phone will work its Ultrafast network, which is its name for the 3G HSDPA and forthcoming 4G LTE network.


You’ll be able to pre-order the Galaxy S4 with O2 soon, and can already register your interest with the network here.


Instead of a dedicated page, Vodafone has provided a link on its homepage where you can sign-up to be alerted as soon as the Galaxy S4 is ready for sale. It also says the phone is, “4G Ready,” despite the fact its 4G LTE service isn’t ready yet. Nothing like being prepared.

Additionally, Virgin Mobile, Phones4U, Carphone Warehouse and Dialaphone have also all added pages where you can sign up to be told when the Galaxy S4 will be ready for you to buy. Our advice, sign up with all of them and pick the best deal when the time comes.

Samsung said the Galaxy S4 would go on sale in April, but failed to mention a price. Those wanting to buy a SIM free, unlocked version of the Galaxy S4 can do so with online retailer Clove Technology, where the team thinks April 26 will mark the Galaxy S4’s debut. As for price, leaks suggest we should expect to pay between 600 to 700 euros, or around £520. The Galaxy S3 was £500 when it was released last year.

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