What will Samsung reveal during its August 15 special event?

Samsung LogoSamsung has announced it will be holding a special event on August 15, and that the device it plans to reveal is a part of its Galaxy range. The event has been teased for the American press, but that doesn’t mean it’s only relevant there, as any device launched could go on to be sold internationally.

The one device we’re excitedly waiting for is the Galaxy Note 2, a follow-up to the Galaxy Note, the tablet/smartphone hybrid that became something of surprise hit this year.

Details on the Note 2 have been leaked already, and we’re expecting a slightly larger screen — 5.5-inches — but squeezed into a body that’s no larger than its predecessor. Google Android 4.1 Jelly Bean is also being tipped as the operating system.

An anonymous source speaking to BGR.com says the Note 2 will indeed be the star of the show, however previous leaks have indicated the device will be announced at an event prior to the IFA 2012 show near the end of August. A global platform like IFA seems the more likely launchpad for a device that will be sold worldwide.

Alternatives include the Galaxy Tab 2 10.1, which was put on hold to tweak the spec after it was announced during Mobile World Congress, and hasn’t been seen since. A Verizon-only device codenamed Jasper has also been leaked this week, and could be released with a Galaxy name.

It has also been noted that the invitation comes from Samsung Electronics and not Samsung Telecommunications, making a tablet more likely than a phone.

No information regarding the time or location of the event have been shared.

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