Watch out Apple Maps, Nokia is nearly “Here”

Nokia HereAnyone who has had the pleasure of using Apple Maps on iOS 6 knows there is room for improvement, and anyone waiting for Google to release a dedicated Google Maps app for iOS has so far been disappointed. There has been an interesting development in this area though, as Nokia has announced it has re-branded its Nokia Maps service, and will be releasing a standalone app for Apple devices in the very near future.

Nokia Maps has become “Here” — hence the title to this post — and an HTML5 app created, which has already been submitted to Apple and is waiting for approval. It’ll be free to download and include walking, driving and public transport directions, some of which will have voice guidance, plus satellite and traffic information, along with a comprehensive search function too.

Here will continue to be developed after the release of the iOS version, with an Android app expected in early 2013, plus a mobile-friendly website too, allowing Here to be used on any mobile platform. Of course, a Windows Phone 8 version for Nokia’s Lumia phones will be coming too. To get an idea of what Here will be like, visit right now.

The real news concerns iOS though, as there’s a very good chance the app will be approved, and will beat Google Maps into the iTunes App Store too. This could net Nokia plenty of new users, as its mapping service is well known for being one of the best available.

Nokia hasn’t provided a release date for Here yet, saying only that it expects it to be available “within the next weeks.” It’s definitely one to look forward too.

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