Vodafone starts offering 4G LTE plans, includes free Spotify or Sky Sports accounts

Vodafone 4G ReadyAs EE continues to enjoy its period of exclusivity in the UK regarding 4G LTE connectivity, its competitors prepare to launch their own services. We’ve already had a look at O2’s new 4G LTE tariffs, but what about Vodafone? It has already begun selling its compatible phones, and the service is ready to go in London, but how does it compare to O2?

There’s a choice of three 4G packages, each with unlimited calls and texts, plus either 2GB, 4GB or 8GB of data per month. Instead of quoting an individual price for the tariff and the phone, Vodafone lumps the two together and gives a total per month cost for each of its 4G devices.

It offers 17 different phones, ranging from the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Nokia Lumia 925, to the HTC One Mini. As an added bonus, anyone who signs up to a new Vodafone 4G contract will get either a free premium account with Spotify for two years, or access to Sky Sports Mobile TV for the same duration.

The cheapest option is with phones such as the HTC One Mini, Sony Xperia SP and the Nokia Lumia 620, all of which cost £34 per month on the 2GB package. Up this to 4GB and these phones become £39 per month, and £44 with 8GB per month. If you want the iPhone 5, you’ll pay a minimum of £47 per month on the 4GB tariff if you want it for free, or for the Galaxy Note 2, a whopping £52 per month.

While O2 is slightly cheaper, it’s lowest plans have less data included, and after its initial special offer has ended, so will its more expensive plans. As usual, you’ll need to go by coverage in your local area.

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