Twitter Music goes live for the iPhone in the UK

Twitter MusicTwitter has launched Twitter #Music, the latest addition to its growing social media empire, accompanying the original micro-blogging platform and the recently released video-sharing app Vine. Like Vine, Twitter Music is currently available only for the iPhone, and the free app has been released in the UK today.

It interacts with Twitter itself to bring you the songs which are being listened too and tweeted about by your friends, as well as the most popular artists and new talent for you to discover. Music can be streamed inside the app, provided you have an account with either Spotify or Rdio, and the very first screen you’re presented with upon opening Twitter Music asks you to sign-in to either one.

If you don’t have an account, you don’t get the chance to play full songs through Twitter Music, and must instead make do with a short preview grabbed from iTunes. There are four primary screens which make up the bulk of the app, each detailing popular tracks, emerging talent, suggested artists, and a Now Playing list. Tap a song and you can go straight to the artist’s Twitter profile, follow them, or listen to their music suggestions.

The user interface is very swish, and swiping through the screens and options is really intuitive, and it all looks great. If you’re a music fan, and a keen Twitter user, this is definitely one to try out. You can follow this link to grab the app from the iTunes App Store.

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