Three’s 4G LTE network coming in December

Three UK LogoThe UK is now all set for 4G, as the Three network has finally confirmed when it will be switching on its high speed data stream. Three announced back in March it wouldn’t be one of the first networks to go live with 4G, and that it was planning a late 2013 launch. Sure enough, it has confirmed 4G for December this year.

EE has offered 4G in the UK for sometime, while Vodafone and O2 have activated their new networks this week, so will Three’s delay cost them business? Three has made it worthwhile for those people  happy to wait, as it won’t be charging its subscribers any extra to switch to 4G.

If you’re with Three in December and your phone is compatible with a 4G LTE signal, all that will be needed is an over-the-air software update. No new contract, and no new tariff, right down to keeping unlimited data if it’s part of your existing deal. Other networks offering 4G in the UK have all placed caps on the amount of data you can use over 4G, so this is great news.

Like its competitors, Three will start providing a 4G signal in only a few cities – London, Birmingham and Manchester, but it’ll be working hard to increase this number from January, and it says the plan is to have 50 cities online by the end of 2014. The final December switch-on date hasn’t been announced.

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