Three UK goes to war with EE on 4G

Three UK LogoIf you want a 4G, high speed data connection in the UK, then your only choice is to go with EE, as the network has been offering such a service since late last year and is the first in the UK to do so. Competition looms however, as all the other major networks will be offering their own 4G services later on this year.

Three UK has brought its name to the top of the list today, announcing not only will customers get 4G later on this year, but also that it’ll arrive without a premium price tag – something which EE can’t say. Three’s CEO said the firm had, “Thought long and hard,” about the best pricing strategy, before deciding it won’t be charging anything extra at all.

This will apply to its Ultrafast network subscribers, who won’t need to change their SIM cards or alter their plans when 4G arrives with Three, it’ll just start working automatically. It also indicates Three will provide an unlimited data tariff, something missing from EE’s line-up. There is one catch though, as you’ll need a 4G compatible mobile phone. At the moment, if you buy an iPhone 5, Xperia Z or Lumia 920 through Three, these phones have 4G connectivity already, while the 4G versions of the Galaxy S3, Galaxy Note 2 and BlackBerry Z10 will be launched on Three soon.

There’s no information on exactly when Three’s 4G network will go online – the network has only committed to sometime after the summer – or how much of the UK’s population will be covered. Remember, EE’s 4G is available only in certain cities, however the list is growing all the time.

Three’s decision not to charge extra for its 4G signal could see some people considering EE’s network decide to wait for a while, which in turn could prompt EE to drop its prices or offer a competing unlimited data tariff.

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