The Samsung Galaxy S4 is coming on March 14

Galaxy S4 InvitationOne of the most anticipated smartphone releases of the year will be revealed on March 14, when Samsung finally takes the covers off the Galaxy S4, a phone expected to be adored by the public and feared by its competitors. Samsung has put up an event invitation on its Samsung Mobile Facebook page and shared the same image on its Twitter account, ensuring it gets the word out to millions of its fans as quickly as possible.

While the Galaxy S3 was announced at a press-only event in London, this time Samsung has shifted the location to New York City, where instead of a private event, it’ll be taking over Times Square. It’s not clear what it’ll be doing in this very public of venues, but there are more than enough big screens on which it can show the event unfolding.

Due to the wording of the event invitation, which says, “Be ready 4 the next Galaxy,” it’s unlikely the event will be for anything else except the Galaxy S4. If so, it’s going to be announced around ten months after the Galaxy S3 was revealed, and could go on sale before its predecessor’s first birthday. There are no firm details on the Galaxy S4’s feature list, but a 4.99-inch, 1080p screen and a quad-core or eight-core processor are possibilities.

The event starts at 7pm local time on March 14 and it will be live streamed on YouTube for all those not lucky enough to be in attendance to see. We can’t wait.

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