The iPhone 5C is coming to the UK, will cost £469

iPhone 5C GreenThe iPhone 5S wasn’t the only Apple smartphone to be announced at the company’s Tuesday event, as for the first time ever, it launched a second iPhone model at the same time. The phone is the iPhone 5C, and it’s designed to replace the iPhone 5 as Apple’s slightly more affordable model.

We say slightly more affordable, as the basic iPhone 5C is less than £100 cheaper than the basic iPhone 5S, so it’s far from a pocket money option. So what it’s all about? The iPhone 5C has the same 4-inch Retina display seen on the iPhone 5, and is powered by the Apple A6X processor, plus there is an 8-megapixel camera on the rear.

So far, it’s the iPhone 5. The difference comes in the 5C’s body, as instead of aluminium and glass, the phone has a polycarbonate shell, just like a Nokia or Samsung phone. It’s going to come in five different colours, green, blue, yellow, pink and white. Apple has also made a silicone case to go with the phone, all in complementary colours.

The iPhone 5C will connect to 4G LTE networks, and will come with the latest iOS 7 software installed. It has the same September 20 release date as the iPhone 5S, and pre-orders can be placed from September 13. As for the price, we warned you it wasn’t exactly cheap, and the 16GB iPhone 5C will set you back £470 unlocked, or £550 for the 32GB phone.

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