The HTC Deluxe could be the international version of the Droid DNA

HTC DeluxeAmerican mobile network Verizon announced the Droid DNA earlier this week, a tablet/smartphone hybrid produced by HTC, which boasts an incredible 5-inch display with a 1080p resolution. Outside of Japan (where the same phone is known as the HTC J Butterfly), it’s the first phone of its type to be officially revealed.

Because Verizon licenses the “Droid” name from Lucasfilm — yes, the people who made Star Wars own the rights to the word — it can’t be used elsewhere in the world, forcing HTC to come up with something else if it wants to release the phone internationally.

A new picture has been leaked today, courtesy of the team who run the Twitter account @evleaks, showing the Droid DNA but with the name of HTC Deluxe attached, saying it’s the “global edition.”

The name fits in with some earlier leaks too, as before the Droid DNA name was revealed, the phone was also known as both the HTC X5 and the HTC DLX.

When HTC does release the phone in the UK and Europe, the only specification change we’re likely to see concerns the radio, as Verizon is not a GSM network and therefore will not work here. Whether it remains a 4G device — ready for EE’s network — is unclear.

HTC hasn’t made the Deluxe official yet, but hopefully it won’t make us wait too long, as the UK needs a 1080p smartphone too.

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