The Apple iPhone 5S is here, ready to buy on September 20

iPhone 5S GoldApple held a special event at its California headquarters yesterday, where it announced the new iPhone 5S. The phone is visually identical to the outgoing iPhone 5, but has a wide variety of new features, and will have iOS 7 installed from new.

The two biggest changes are in processor power and security. The Apple A6 processor has been replaced by the new A7 chip, which is based on 64-bit architecture, and represents a first in the smartphone world. Apple promises it’ll be twice as fast as the iPhone 5, and an amazing 40 times more than the original iPhone.

Fitted in the Home button is a fingerprint sensor, which Apple calls the Touch ID, and sliding your finger over it will unlock your phone, or even confirm purchases made on iTunes. Apple has also updated the iPhone 5S’s camera, as it now has a larger aperture and sensor, meaning it’ll take better pictures in low light conditions. The dual-LED flash is also another first, as the True Tone flash can adapt itself to 1000 different conditions, ensuring pictures have the best possible colours. There’s also a slow motion video mode, a burst mode, and an improved video call camera.

Apple will produce the iPhone 5S in three colours, silver, grey and gold, and will also sell leather cases in six different colours. Otherwise, the specification and design remains the same. It’s all set to go on sale September 20 and unlocked prices are £549 for the 16GB, £629 for the 32GB, and £709 for the 64GB model.

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