Tesco tablet to be announced on September 23?

Tesco TabletIt looks like a rumour regarding Tesco’s entry into the cheap tablet market is about to come true, as invitations to an event later this month have gone out to the press, where it’s expected to announce the new device. According to Pocket-Lint, Tesco is promoting the event using the hashtag LetsHudl, which at first glance looks meaningless, but previous reports suggest the company is going to call the tablet the Hudl.

Aside from the event date, we don’t know anything official about the Hudl at all. There have been several rumours about it though, and most of them agree Tesco will be challenging Amazon and its Kindle Fire range. Amazon essentially created the cheap Android tablet market when it introduced the first Kindle Fire, and has gone on to release more advanced models too, all of which have been very successful. Part of this success is due to the ease with which apps, music, film and books can be downloaded.

Tesco could be planning to offer similar services through an as-yet unofficial eBook store, plus its Blinkbox streaming movie service, along with easy access to the Tesco online webstore. Tesco also has its own banking service, and a Pay As You Go mobile network. We’ll be interested to find out if the Hudl comes with a 3G connection as standard. As for the tablet’s specification, we’ll guess it’s going to have a 7-inch screen.

But the key could be the Hudl’s price, which needs to be less than £130 if it’s going to have a chance of competing with the Kindle Fire. If it’s more, then the spec will have to live up to that of the Nexus 7. We’ll know all about it on September 23.

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