TalkTalk Mobile launches £3.50 per month, SIM-only plan

TalkTalk Mobile SIMIf you’re looking for the cheapest way to run a mobile phone, that still includes a decent chunk of minutes, messages and data each month, then TalkTalk Mobile may have the deal for you. It’s a SIM-only plan, so you’ll have to supply your own phone, but it’s yours for just £3.50 per month.

That’s about as cheap as you can get, and although you have to sign up for a 12-month contract, the package gives you 100 minutes, 250 texts and 100MB of data to enjoy. Better still, if you order the SIM online, then you’ll get twice the amount of data – 200MB.

As with all plans, it’s worth sticking to it, as the charges should you go over your allowance are relatively expensive. According to TalkTalk’s site, they won’t slap a big extra charge on your bill, but you will have to pay 30p per minute for calls to landlines or mobiles, 12p per SMS and 5p per megabyte of data.

TalkTalk’s mobile director told Pocket-Lint, “With more handsets than people out there, our SIM-only price plans are perfect for people who want to keep their current handset or hand it down to their children, without having to take out a pricey contract.”

Put this way, TalkTalk’s plan looks like an absolute bargain. There is one catch though, you need to be an existing TalkTalk customer, meaning you need to use TalkTalk for your home broadband connection. If you do already, then it’s easy to order a SIM. If you’re not, you’ll have to make a considerable switch.

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