Sony launches MyXperia remote security tool for your smartphone and tablet

Sony MyXperiaIf you own a Sony smartphone or tablet, but are concerned about its security should it be lost or stolen, the Sony has launched a new service which should calm your fears. It’s called MyXperia, and it’ll help you out should the worst happen.

It’s free to use, and works through an application on your phone, and a dedicated MyXperia website. Sony has been testing the service since the beginning of the year, but has now taken it out of beta and given it a global launch, so it should be bug free and ready to go.

Using MyXperia will allow you to do the following things: If you’ve simply misplaced your phone, you can make it sound an alarm, so it’s easier to find. This will override silent mode, and the display will light up too. Next, if the phone has been stolen, it can be remotely locked or have the internal and SD card memory erased.

Finally, if you lose your phone, then it can be forced to display a message with your contact details, or have its location pinpointed on a map viewable on the MyXperia website.

To set up MyXperia, a new piece of software needs to be downloaded, which can be done on your device via Settings/About Phone/Software Update/New Apps. If your phone is compatible with MyXperia, you should see the app listed. If it has already been installed, it can be found under Settings/Xperia/MyXperia. You’ll need to sign in with your Google ID both in the app, and on the MyXperia website.

Sony says not all countries and Xperia devices have been granted access yet, but it’s steadily adding support over the coming weeks, so if it’s not there yet, it should be soon.

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