See iOS 7 running on an iPad Mini, thanks to latest beta release

iOS 7Apple has released the second beta version of its highly anticipated iOS 7 operating system, and while beta one has been around for several weeks, this is the first time we’ve been able to see it operating on an iPad. Despite only being available for a few hours, several videos showing the software in action have already been posted, and we’ve included one of our favourites below.

Anyone who watched the keynote presentation during WWDC will have already seen iOS 7 on an iPhone, but unusually, Apple decided to keep the iPad under wraps, and the first beta only worked on the iPhone. In case you missed it, we’ve added an iPhone demo video below too.

The video shows how Apple has altered iOS 7 for use on the big screen, and like previous versions, it’s not all that different. There’s certainly more white space on display, but we’re glad to see the Notification Center and new Control Center have been adapted to use the full width of the screen, rather than a portion of it as before. It’s also our first chance to see Photo Booth, an iPad-only app, although it doesn’t look all that different to the standard camera app.

It’s worth watching these videos now, as really, developers aren’t supposed to share the details of iOS 7, and sign a privacy agreement before downloading and installing the OS, so there’s a chance they’ll end up being removed. As for its official release, those of us without Apple developer accounts can look forward to getting it on our iPhone, iPod and iPad this autumn.


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