Samsung’s Galaxy S3 is more popular than the iPhone 5 in latest UK market research

Samsung Galaxy S3 ReviewUsing a combination of live search, pre-orders and monthly sales data, uSwitch has prepared a top ten list of the UK’s favourite smartphones. For the seventh month in a row, the market research has revealed the Samsung Galaxy S3 is more popular with UK shoppers than either of Apple’s current phones. What’s more, the brand-new iPhone 5 is behind the iPhone 4S in the charts too.

Although initially surprising, when you look at the difference in price between the three phones, this positioning makes more sense. Taking Vodafone as an example, a 16GB iPhone 5 costs £50 with around £42 per month for 2GB of data, while both the iPhone 4S and Galaxy S3 are free on the same tariff. Shop around and better deals can be found too.

So, we know the Galaxy S3 is at the top of the chart, followed by the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5 in second and third position. What other phones occupy the rest of the list? Samsung holds an impressive five of the ten available positions, with the aforementioned Galaxy S3 at number one, the Galaxy S2 at number four, the Galaxy Ace in sixth, the Note 2 in seventh and the Galaxy Ace 2 rounding out the list in tenth.

This doesn’t leave much room for anyone else, with Sony holding a single position with the Xperia U in eighth, HTC’s One X+ in ninth and the new Nexus 4 from LG in fifth. Not bad considering it has not only just gone on sale, but also sold out quickly too.

Everything could change over the coming month though, as in the run up to Christmas Apple’s products traditionally gain traction, so perhaps one of the two iPhone’s could stop the Galaxy S3 from making it eight months at the top of the list?

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