Samsung releases first teaser video for Galaxy S4. It’s not good

Galaxy S4 InvitationWe found out on Friday Samsung will announce the Galaxy S4 on March 14, and now it has begun its marketing assault with a teaser video featuring not the phone, not a clutch of celebrities, nor a collection of buzzwords which Samsung thinks applies best to its new flagship device; but a child.

It begins with a young lad arriving in a Rolls Royce outside Samsung’s offices, where he’s being given a sneak preview of the Galaxy S4. Why? Who knows, but his chauffeur thinks the new phone will have the same impact as the introduction of colour TV.

Once inside the offices, the child is introduced as Jeremy Maxwell, and he’s Samsung’s “Secret messenger.” Until this point he’s not been all that annoying, but that all changes when the Samsung Unpacked box is brought in and he screams, “Wow, is that it?” at a pitch which sees our ears begin to bleed.

Samsung goes with the trusty old, “glowing thing in a box,” cliche when Jeremy is given a peek inside the box, and concludes with the unfortunate news that Samsung will be continuing the story in another video. Next time, Jeremy’s neighbour arrives on the scene; will Jeremy be able to resist showing her the Galaxy S4? Oh, how little we care.

Mobile companies don’t have the best track record when it comes to producing compelling videos, but this has to be one of the worst we’ve seen in a while. We’re all looking forward to seeing the Galaxy S4, Samsung, and we don’t need any more 0f Jeremy’s antics to remind us.

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