Samsung Galaxy S4 leaked, could come without a Home button

Leaked Galaxy S4The Samsung Galaxy S4 is probably going to be one of the biggest smartphone releases of the year, as it follows not only the Galaxy S2, but the incredibly successful Galaxy S3 too. As its possible launch gets closer, Samsung blog SamMobile has received a photo which supposedly shows the device, and it has a major design change.

Have you spotted it? It’s missing the physical home button beneath the screen which has been a staple feature on the S2 and the S3. Android is happy to deal with software-only buttons these days, and Samsung previously abandoned such a key on its Galaxy Nexus device, so could the S4 follow?

It’s also interesting to note the picture shows the phone as having a very thin bezel running down the sides of the screen, indicating either the screen has got larger, or the chassis smaller. Rumours have pointed to Samsung increasing the size of the S4’s screen to 4.99-inches, complete with a 1080p resolution. Does the picture confirm this?

Of course, we won’t know for sure until Samsung announces the Galaxy S4, which it probably won’t do until after Mobile World Congress in February. Last year, it released the Galaxy S3 at a special event in May.

Finally, it’s worth reminding everyone that the image you’re seeing is unofficial, so should be treated as speculation. Aside from the bezel and missing home button, the pictured phone closely resembles not only the Galaxy S3, but the Galaxy Premier and the Galaxy Grand too. Viewed like this, it could easily be a fake.

We’ll find out more later in the year.

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