Qualcomm Toq smartwatch ready for launch in early December

Qualcomm ToqAnother smartwatch is about to hit the market, this time produced by Qualcomm, a company best known for producing mobile processors, such as the Snapdragon series. It’s called the Toq, and was previewed during the IFA 2013 tech show held in September, but no release date other than before the end of the year was provided.

In a press release sent out today, Qualcomm has confirmed the Toq will go on sale on December 2, and it’ll be sold through its own dedicated website. We’re still unsure about one thing though, and that’s its international availability, as the price is only quoted in dollars.

It’s not going to be a cheap gadget either, as the Toq will cost $350, or £220, which is more expensive than both the Pebble and Sony’s SmartWatch 2. It is however, cheaper than Samsung’s Galaxy Gear in the UK, thanks to it costing £300. In the US, the Galaxy Gear costs $300, so the Toq works out more expensive there!

You’re getting a cool piece of kit for your money though, as in pictures, the design looks great. The screen measures 1.55-inches and has a 288 x 192 pixel resolution. The Toq is a showcase for Qualcomm’s Mirasol screen tech, which uses ambient light reflections to brighten the display, so it doesn’t need a backlight and therefore consumes less power. The watch also comes with specially designed Bluetooth headphones to listen to streaming music.

You can sign-up for more information on the Toq here, and we’d expect the international shipping situation to become clear closer to launch.

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