Pre-order your Amazon Kindle Fire HDX tablets in the UK now

When Amazon announced its updated Kindle Fire HDX tablets last monthKindle Fire HD 2013, they were only confirmed for America, which is consistent with previous Amazon hardware releases. The good news is, we haven’t had to wait long to get them in the UK, as all three are now ready to be pre-ordered through Amazon’s website. Interested? Here’s what you’re going to have to spend to get one, and when it’ll arrive.

Kindle Fire HD

8GB Wi-Fi Kindle Fire HD: £129

16GB Wi-Fi Kindle Fire HD: £149

If you don’t mind Amazon putting special offers on your tablets, then you can take £10 off both those figures. Pre-order now, and you’ll get your Fire HD on October 24.

Kindle Fire HDX 7-inch

16GB Wi-Fi Kindle Fire HDX: £209

32GB Wi-Fi Kindle Fire HDX: £229

64GB Wi-Fi Kindle Fire HDX: £269

Again, take £10 off if you accept Amazon’s special offers, or if you want to add 4G LTE connectivity to any of these models, you’ll need to add £70 to the cost of each one. The Wi-Fi models are expected to be dispatched on November 13, and the 4G tablets will follow on November 27.

Kindle Fire HDX 8.9-inch

16GB Wi-Fi Kindle Fire HDX 8.9: £339

32GB Wi-Fi Kindle Fire HDX 8.9: £379

64GB Wi-Fi Kindle Fire HDX 8.9: £419

Amazon’s special offers are also active here, ready to reduce the overall cost by £10, plus there is a 4G LTE option for another £70. Delivery for the W-Fi models is November 19, while the 4G versions will be out on December 13.

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