Photos for You comes to Instagram, adds Facebook-like tagging

InstagramInstagram has released an update to its Android and iOS applications, which adds a new feature named Photos of You, which amongst other things lets you tag people you photograph. It’s not the most surprising move, as tagging is an important part of sharing photos on Facebook, which is Instagram’s parent company.

When you’ve taken a photo, there’s now an Add People option added to the sharing screen, and just like Facebook, tapping anyone in the picture allows you to select their Instagram username from a drop down menu as you start typing it. It’s also possible to go back and tag people in older photos.

If your photos are displayed publicly, then the tags do as well, and the person you add will receive a notification telling them they’ve been tagged. As this type of thing is ripe for abuse, it’s easy to remove your name from a tag, even if it’s not a photo you’ve taken. To find all the photos you’ve been tagged in, a new option has been added above your picture stream, where they’re all collected together.

It’s a great addition, and increases the social aspect of Instagram even more, despite Photos for You making it even more Facebook-like. If you already have Instagram installed on your phone, then you’ll need to update it to version 3.5 to get Photos for You. If not, then the app is available for free through the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

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