Phones4U considers launching its own range of phones

Phones4U ShopPhones4U is pushing on with its plans to become an even bigger player in the UK’s mobile market, as it’s said to be considering launching its own range of smartphones. The news comes after an article was spotted in an in-house magazine for mobile manufacturer ZTE, where Phones4U executives were discussing plans for a joint effort to create a new range of phones.

The firm’s chief commercial officer is quoted as saying, “We’re planning it,” when asked about its own-brand of hardware, adding it would probably happen, “Halfway through 2013.” As to their plans with ZTE, no contracts have been signed.

That said, ZTE has established itself as a solid choice as an OEM equipment partner, having built successful hardware for Orange, Vodafone and several networks in the U.S. Of course, ZTE also makes great phones under its own name, and has recently started to make high-end equipment which could challenge the likes of HTC and Samsung.

While it’s well-trodden ground for ZTE, it’s new territory for Phones4U, however a branded range of phones would fit in well with its plans to launch the LIFE Mobile MVNO later on this year. Having a range of well-specced, well-priced phones at launch will be essential to getting LIFE off to a good start.

Competition will be tough for Phones4U, but if it offers good phones along with 4G connectivity, it could make quite a name for itself before the end of the year.

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