Nokia to announce new Lumia phones during May 14 press conference

Nokia May 14If you’ve been looking forward to seeing some new phones from Nokia, then you’re in luck, as the company will be holding a special press event on May 14, where it will reveal its latest Lumia hardware. We know this because the invitation it has sent to the press is surprisingly forthcoming, saying, “The Nokia Lumia Story Continues,” in bold text, and, “See What’s Next,” next to it.

Nokia last announced Windows Phone hardware during Mobile World Congress, when it gave us the Lumia 720 and Lumia 520, both of which slot into the mid-part of Nokia’s range. That leaves the low and high-end in need of a refresh, and we’re confident Nokia would only make this much fuss for an upper-range phone.

So what could it be? Well, there are two rumours flying around regarding Nokia’s future phone plans. One related to the Nokia Catwalk, a Lumia 920 successor with a thinner and lighter body, but as the Lumia 920 only went on sale in late 2012, this sounds a little too early for us to see its replacement.

That leaves the Nokia EOS, which has been touted as a true PureView Windows Phone. PureView camera technology was introduced on the 808 PureView at the beginning of 2012, and although the Lumia 920’s camera is impressive, it can’t quite match up to that 41 megapixel monster. Nokia has long said it intends to bring PureView to Windows Phone, so this could be the device to do it.

We’ll know for sure on May 14, and we’ll bring you the news once Nokia’s new Lumia phones are official.

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