Nokia launches the Asha 210, a QWERTY phone with a social edge

Asha 210Nokia has revealed the latest addition to the Asha family of low-price mobile phones. Named the Asha 210, it’s notable for having a QWERTY keyboard instead of a full touchscreen, making it standout in the market. It’s not just that though, as the Asha 210 comes with the WhatsApp messaging service built-in, and even has a dedicated button with which to access it. This is a first for a mobile phone, and it’s promised the WhatsApp service will remain subscription free for as long as you own the device.

The phone has a distinctly Nokia look to it, with the smooth rear panel, vertical strip holding the camera lens, and an array of bright body colours, including black, white, magenta, cyan and yellow. At 99 grams, it’s light by modern phone standards, but at 11.8mm thick, it is chunkier than most.

The Asha 210 is aimed at buyers with a strict low budget, and runs Series 40 software, therefore it doesn’t come close to matching a smartphone’s spec sheet. The screen measures 2.4-inches and has a 320 x 240 pixel resolution, while the camera has 2 megapixels, and it only has 2G connectivity. There is Wi-Fi, and a microSD card slot though, plus Bluetooth 2.1 and a battery which could last up to 46 days before needing a recharge!

Nokia will put the Asha 210 on sale before the summer, and has given it a price of $72, which converts over to around £50. The exact release date hasn’t been confirmed, and neither has the phone’s arrival in the UK, however we’d expect it to pop up as a Pay As You Go phone in the future.

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