Nokia brings the Lumia 620 comes to the UK, launches Windows Phone 7.8 update too

Nokia Lumia 620The Nokia Lumia 620 was announced late last year, but at the time it was scheduled only for release in Asia, although Nokia did promise to bring the new Windows Phone handset to Europe at a later date. That time has come and Nokia has decided to launch its cheapest Lumia smartphone in the UK.

In case you need a reminder, the Lumia 620 is the baby of Nokia’s Lumia range, equipped with a 3.8-inch, 480 x 800 pixel resolution touchscreen, a 1GHz dual-core Snapdragon S4 processor, a 5-megapixel camera, 8GB of internal storage memory and a 1300mAh battery.

It’s by no means the highest specced Windows Phone out there, but it’s easily one of the cheapest, and encouraging those with a limited budget to choose Windows Phone over Android is important to Microsoft in its quest to increase market share. The Lumia 620 will be sold as a Pay-As-You-Go phone through O2 for £150 from this weekend. Later next week, Virgin, Vodafone and Three will also stock the Lumia 620.

This isn’t the only piece of Nokia news this week, as the Finnish firm has announced it has started to send out the Windows Phone 7.8 update to its older Lumia phone. The devices in-line for the new version of the OS include the Lumia 800 and 900, plus the Lumia 510, 610 and 710. If you own one of these original Windows Phone 7 handsets, the update will add the Windows Phone 8 Home screen with resizable tiles, the daily Bing wallpaper and various tweaks to system performance.

Nokia has made a short video detailing all the new features, plus some guidance on how to install the new software when it does arrive. When will this be? Nokia says it’s going to be in the next few weeks, but the exact date depends on your network.

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