Nokia announces event for Wednesday, April 24: New Asha hardware incoming?

Nokia Event April 24Standby for some new phone announcements from Nokia, as it has published a short note on its Conversations blog, informing us that on Wednesday, April 24, it will be holding an event early in the morning to reveal something new. Exactly what it has in store for us isn’t known at this stage, but the picture alongside the text indicates we’ll be seeing two new phones from the manufacturer, one with a touchscreen and the other with a keyboard.

If the phones are to have a keyboard attached, it’s very unlikely they’ll be running Windows Phone, Nokia’s preferred smartphone operating system. Instead, we’d say the new hardware will be part of Nokia’s Asha range of devices. Aimed at the low and mid-ranges, Asha phones are popular in emerging markets, and are usually produced with both single-SIM and dual-SIM options.

Just like Nokia’s Lumia phones, bright colours are often used in the Asha range, and yellow is one of the more popular options. We’ve also seen Asha phones with either an alphanumeric keypad and a full QWERTY keyboard in the past. Plus, the first full touchscreen Asha phones were introduced last year.

According to the announcement, the event will take place at 7am on Wednesday, and will be followed by a Q&A session by a Nokia executive and a special guest. This suggests the new hardware will be slightly more interesting than the usual Asha fare. Check back on the day, and we’ll have all the news for you after the event.

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