New Nokia Asha 501 touchscreen phone announced

Nokia Asha 501 RedHot on the heels of the Asha 210, Nokia has revealed another new Asha device, only this time it has a touchscreen and a brand new user interface. The Asha 501 has been announced at an event in New Delhi, India, one of the regions where the Asha brand is popular. It really standsout thanks to its bright, Lumia-like design, and those rear panels are interchangeable too, so owners can customize the phone should they feel like a change.

Asha phones are known for their low prices, and the Asha 501 is no different. It has been priced up at $99, which is somewhere in the region of £65, making it very cheap; however, sacrifices do have to be made. For a start, it’s a 2G phone, so there’s no high-speed Internet access, although it does come with Wi-Fi built-in.

The screen measures 3-inches and has a resolution of 320 x 240, and the camera has 3.2-megapixels, and there’s no mention of the processor, so don’t expect anything too exciting there. The phone does have a microSD card slot though, plus Bluetooth and a headphone socket, all wrapped up in a 98 gram body.

As for the new software, it’s called the Asha platform, and the aim is to simplify the phone’s usage, something it does with two main screens displaying the regular features and apps, or a list of your most often used features for quick access.

Nokia will put the Asha 501 on sale in June, but there’s no word if the UK will be one of the 90 countries in which the phone will be sold.

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