New Nexus hardware incoming, as Google announces October 29 event

Google Event October 29With all the leaks surrounding Google’s Nexus hardware at the moment, it was only a matter of time before the company invited the world to see what it has planned. The time has now come, as invitations to an event on October 29 have started to circulate. This is now the third new product event set for the end of October, with Apple leading the charge on October 23, Microsoft joining in on October 26 and crucially, October 29 too.

The invitation shows the New York skyline with the words “The Playground is open” in a Google-style search box, complete with voice command icon at the end. It’s scheduled for 10am, and will be live streamed on YouTube, so don’t worry about missing if you’re interested.

Although the event could be for almost anything, the use of the word “playground” hints at a collection of announcements, or at least the announcement of something collaborative.

What we’re hoping for though, is a variety of new Nexus hardware, including the much-leaked LG Nexus 4, plus the rumoured 32GB Nexus 7, and possibly Sony, Samsung and HTC Nexus smartphones too. Samsung has also been linked with a 10-inch Nexus tablet.

Should Google reveal all these devices, plus its own store though which it will sell them, it could easily eclipse Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 unveiling held in San Francisco on the same day. This, combined with Apple’s event the week before, could make Microsoft’s life very difficult, as it will struggle to grab the attention it needs for its own new products.

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