Motorola Moto X launch event set for August 1

Moto X InviteMotorola has announced it will be holding an event in New York on August 1, and the invitation leaves nothing to the imagination, as it states we’ll be meeting the Moto X. This is the first phone from Motorola to be developed with Google’s input, and it’s one of the most highly anticipated smartphones of 2013.

Despite this anticipation, leaks have shown the Moto X to be a mid-range device, with more in common with the Nexus 4 than the Galaxy S4. Apparently, it’s likely to have a 4.7-inch, 720p display, a dual-core 1.7GHz processor, and a 10 megapixel camera. Leaked pictures show a curvy phone which differs from Motorola’s other hardware, which often have a distinctive Kevlar back panel.

We’re also expecting the Moto X to have various customisable options, including the colour of the rear panel, and the wallpaper which comes pre-installed. However, initial information points to these options only being available in America, with other countries getting a black or white body shell option only.

At the moment, we’re not sure which version of Android the Moto X will use, with some sources saying it will be Android 4.2.2. However, Google is also holding an event very soon, where it could reveal Android 4.3, which potentially makes the timing of Motorola’s event more than just coincidence.

We’ll find out everything we want to know about the Motorola Moto , including more about the customisation options, plus rumors of extensive voice control features, on August 1.

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