MOBO Awards Best Newcomer to get £2750 limited edition gold HTC One

HTC One MoboAs if being named the MOBO Best Newcomer wasn’t enough, the lucky winner will also be getting one of these limited edition gold HTC One smartphones. It’s an officially licensed device too, as Goldgenie – responsible for many gold smartphone atrocities over the years – was commissioned by HTC to create the phone.

It’s covered in actual 18 carat gold, and has been valued at a massive £2750, more than five times the amount a standard, non-gold version of the HTC One will cost. According to HTC’s head of global communications, Jeff Gordon, there are just five of the phones in existence, and one will be given to the winner of the MOBO award.

The MOBOs take place on October 19 in Glasgow, and whichever new talent wins the vote – you get to choose between ten different acts including Stylo G, Etta Bond, Jacob Banks and Daley – will get the shiny smartphone. To commemorate the 18th anniversary of the event, the MOBO logo is etched on the bottom of the rear panel, along with the number 18.

Whether you like the phone or not, there’s no denying it’s a cool limited edition, but if you’re hoping to pick up one of the other four phones, we’d be surprised if they ever find their way out into the world, although HTC hasn’t stated what it’s going to do with the rest.

If you just want a regular HTC One, then it’s available in the standard silver or black, plus a very attractive shade of red.

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