Massive 5.9-inch, 1080p ZTE Windows Phone teased

ZTE HD Windows PhoneJust when you thought phones couldn’t get much bigger, and that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2’s 5.3-inch display would remain on top of the pile, along comes an unnamed ZTE phone with a massive 5.9-inch screen.

The picture comes from ZTE themselves too, as it was shared by the company’s marketing boss, making it as close to an official leak as it’s likely to get. The device is pictured with both a black and white finish, and certainly looks every bit as big as its spec suggests.

Complete with Windows Phone branding to confirm the presence of Microsoft’s mobile operating system, the ZTE phone has one final surprise to really leaving us wanting to know more — it has a 1080p screen.

Mobile devices with this resolution are all set to make a big impact soon, as everyone from LG and Sharp to HTC and Sony are all linked with Full HD displays, both officially and unofficially.

However, not everything adds up about ZTE’s giant tablet/smartphone hybrid. The logo on the rear panel is for Windows Phone 7 and not Windows Phone 8, although neither version supports a 1080p resolution, meaning ZTE’s phone could be a test device never destined for stores. Also, while Windows Phone 7 devices are still going to be made, it was expected they would all be low-end phones, not more expensive handsets like this one.

ZTE has only made one Windows Phone device before, the Tania, which never really attracted much attention. This one, however, would cause an absolute storm should it ever go on sale. Now all we have to do is wait for more information, and hope its positive.

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