Look out Amazon, Tesco is planning a tablet release this Christmas

Tesco TabletAmazon’s Kindle Fire tablet kickstarted the cheap Android slate obsession, has gone on to spawn a pair of more expensive (but still reasonable) models, and made Amazon a lot of money in the process. A key part of its success is pre-loading apps which make it easy to buy Amazon content, from streaming videos smf Kindle eBooks, to Android apps though the Amazon App Store.

Barnes & Noble is one of the few companies to follow in Amazon’s footsteps, but has recently admitted defeat and discontinued its Nook range, clearly unable to match Amazon’s pace and profits. Now, news has emerged a new challenger could be on its way, and this time it’s more relevant to us here in the UK.

The company is Tesco, and a Sunday Times report says it will be releasing an own-brand tablet before Christmas this year, and like the Kindle Fire, it’ll act as a shopfront for various Tesco services. The supermarket already has Blinkbox for music and movies, plus is expected to open an eBook store before the end of the year, giving it a similar line-up of products to the Kindle. There will also be the chance to do your virtual weekly shop at Tesco on the tablet, and access Tesco banking.

No information on the tablet’s specification – although we’d expect it to run Google Android – was shared, and neither was the price. It’s this part that’s most important, as the Kindle Fire starts around £130, and Tesco will need to match or better it to be in with a competitive chance.

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