LG’s getting back into the tablet game, as it teases G Pad release

LG G PadLG left the tablet world after the only moderate success of the Optimus Pad, an Android slate with an 8.9-inch screen released in 2011. Since then it has been content to let rival firm Samsung fill the market with tablets of all different sizes. However, it’s now ready to give it another try, and has released a teaser trailer for the LG G Pad.

The video shows LG chatting to members of the public about what sort of tablet they’d like to own. Mainly, they want something small and light enough to carry around, but with enough power and a high resolution screen to quickly open apps and watch movies. Sounds reasonable.

So will the G Pad meet expectations? LG certainly hopes so, but all we know for sure is it’ll have an 8.3-inch screen. Previous rumours about a new LG tablet have indicated the screen resolution will be an impressive 1920 x 1200 pixels, which is the same as the new Nexus 7.

Other spec hints include the presence of a quad-core processor, prehaps one of the Qualcomm Snapdragon family, and 2GB of RAM. Google Android will be its operating system, although whether it’ll be the latest Android 4.3 build isn’t certain. We’re willing to bet there will be plenty of LG software installed over the top too.

With the teaser trailer released, it can only be a short time to go before the tablet is officially announced. The IFA tech show in Berlin starts at the beginning of September and it seems like the logical event at which to reveal the G Pad.

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