LG teases Tab-Book tablet for Mobile World Congress

LG Tab BookLG has posted on its UK blog a few basic details about a tablet it’ll be demonstrating at Mobile World Congress. Called the Tab-Book, it’s a convertible hybrid slate with a slide-out keyboard, which rather than run Android uses the full version of Microsoft Windows 8 instead.

Aside from the operating system, the only other details LG has revealed is the processor, an Intel Core i5, and that it’ll have 4G LTE connectivity built-in. The screen size is a mystery, although LG does say it’s an IPS screen with a 178 degree viewing angle and 5 point multi-touch. The tablet appears to be very similar to the H160 LG Tab Book which went on sale in Korea late last year. If the specs remain the same, this new Tab Book will have an 11.6-inch screen

To use the keyboard, a button on the side of the display causes it to pop out from under the display, which in turn moves to an angle conducive to typing. It’s due to go on sale in Korea this week, but LG will be bringing the Tab Book to Mobile World Congress next week, indicating a wider international release will be announced.

It’s interesting to see LG has decided to use the full Windows 8 software for the Tab Book, and not the ARM-based Windows RT software, which would be more inline with any Android tablet plans it may have. Windows RT has struggled to find its place in the market, despite the release of the Microsoft Surface, and LG could be wary of producing a product which the public doesn’t seem to understand.

We’ll bring you more about the Tab Book when LG releases all the specs.

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