Latest deal sees Galaxy Gear come free with Galaxy Note 3

Galaxy Gear and Galaxy Note 3Smartwatches are still a rarity, but there are several examples out there to buy, one being the Galaxy Gear. Samsung’s wrist-worn gadget has a frighteningly high, £300 price tag, twice that of its Sony rival the SmartWatch 2, and three times that of the Pebble.

However, Phones4U have put up a deal which could see you strapping on a Galaxy Gear for free, provided you buy the Galaxy Note 3 smartphone/tablet hybrid on a new contract. At the moment, the Galaxy Note 3 is one of the few devices which supports the Galaxy Gear, as the watch needs Android 4.3 running on its companion phone. While Samsung has sent out an update for the Galaxy S4, its arrival is staggered, leaving the Note 3 as the best option.

So, if you head over to Phones4U, every new Galaxy Note 3 comes with a free Galaxy Gear smartwatch. Contracts are available on EE and Vodafone, with the cheapest monthly option costing £40 with £100 down for the phone. Or, if you want the phone for free, it’ll cost you £43 per month. Both of these deals are with EE, and come with 4G LTE connectivity and either 2GB or 4GB of data respectively.

As the Galaxy Gear costs £300 on its own, this deal represents a decent saving, and the big Galaxy Note 3 is a strong performer, and worth your attention. Phones 4U offers it in either black or white, and is also the exclusive distributor of the pink Galaxy Note 3. You can see the deal by visiting the site here, but be quick, as it expires on November 14.

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