Jolla phone goes up for pre-order, yours for 400 euros

Jolla Phone 1Finnish startup Jolla has announced its first smartphone, which it has named after the company itself, and placed the device up for pre-order on its own website. Jolla is the firm behind the Sailfish operating system, which we previewed back in November last year, and this new phone is the first to feature the software.

Jolla will hold an event at its headquarters later today, but it has provided plenty of information on the phone for us to get excited about beforehand. The phone has a 4.5-inch touchscreen, a dual-core processor, and an 8-megapixel camera. The rear panel, called the Other Half, can be removed and exchanged for one in a different colour. When it’s fitted, the software automatically changes all its own colours to match it, and even assigns new fonts, profiles and ringtones too. The device will have 16GB of memory, a removable battery, a microSD card slot, plus in some places it’ll connect to 4G networks.

Anyone interested in giving the phone a try can pre-order one today, directly through Jolla’s website. It has been priced at 400 euros, or around £340, and while you can sign up for free to register your interest, Jolla has provided two more options if you’re happy to spend a little money. For 40 euros you’ll get a t-shirt and a priority order number, or for 100 euros, you’ll get this and an Other Half rear panel. Each phone will be a limited edition too.

Jolla will deliver the phone to the UK, but it doesn’t expect to do this until Q4 this year, so sometime after September.

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