Instagram says 40 million photos are shared on the site everyday

InstagramPhoto-sharing application Instagram has announced a new set of user figures, and despite some negative press over the past few months, it doesn’t seem to have lost much business. The stats have been published on its home page, and confirms there are 90 million monthly active users, who post an astonishing 40 million photos per day.

Additionally, Instagram fans are clicking the Like button as many as 8,500 times per second, and leave 1,000 comments per second too. AllThingsD reports this figure is up by 10-percent over the period between December to January, so the mass exodus of users threatened after the Facebook acquisition and photo-sale controversy hasn’t materialised so far.

Initially launched as an iOS exclusive application back in 2010, Instagram subsequently widened its base of potential fans by coming to Android last year, before the company was acquired by Facebook for $1 billion. Then, late last year, after successfully launching web profiles for its users, a change in the terms and conditions indicated the company could sell photos uploaded to the site for advertising purposes, but wouldn’t pay the user any fee.

It soon clarified the situation, at first saying it would never act on such a clause, then returned to its old set of terms and conditions. This didn’t stop many people from saying they would never use Instagram again, and for reports of dwindling user numbers to circulate. By providing these latest figures, Instagram is letting us know most users have stayed around, and are as prolific as ever.

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