Instagram launches Web profiles, no surprise to find they’re influenced by Facebook

Instagram Web ProfileInstagram, the hugely popular photo-sharing social network, has always been great on a mobile device. Browsing through pictures is easy and enjoyable using the Android or iOS app, but try it on the Web and you quickly discovered there wasn’t an official way to browse the site.

That has now changed with the introduction of Web-based Instagram profiles. Unsurprisingly, given that Instagram was purchased by Facebook recently, the site shares a similar layout with the social network. It features your profile picture along with a short bio, plus a grid of your most recent photo uploads.

There’s also the chance to comment and “like” photos, although you’ll still be restricted to sharing pictures from the mobile app, with no option to upload them directly to the site.

As for who can see your pictures, if your Instagram account is set to “public,” then your pictures will be free for everyone to view on the Internet. Set it as “private,” and only Instagram members who follow you, and are signed-in to their web profile, will be able to see them.

Instagram is activating its web profiles in stages, so not all are working at the moment. To check if yours is up and running, simply visit, and just change “yourusername” in that URL to, um, your username.

If it’s not quite ready, Instagram suggests you take a look at Nike’s public web profile for an example of how it’ll look in the near future.

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