HTC rumoured to be working on Windows tablets

HTC LogoAccording to reports, HTC is working with Microsoft to produce tablets running Windows 8. Bloomberg has been told by, “a person familiar with the company’s plans,” that there are two models in development, one with a screen measuring 7-inches and the other measuring 12-inches.

The 7-inch model will most likely run Windows RT and compete with Android tablets such as the Nexus 7 and Amazon Kindle, plus the Apple iPad Mini. The 7-inch form factor has proven very popular this year, but Windows RT has only been made available on devices such as the Microsoft Surface, which has a 10-inch screen.

Interestingly, the tablet will also include a cellular radio to enable it to make calls, making it a big smartphone/tablet hybrid, and dwarfing the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and its 5.5-inch screen. We doubt many people will want to hold the device up to their head though, and HTC may have to include a Bluetooth headset to avoid buyers looking too ridiculous.

As for the 12-inch tablet, it may run Windows 8 and be a challenger to Microsoft’s own Surface Pro tablet, expected to be released a the beginning of next year.

HTC was rumoured to have made a request to build Windows tablets, but was turned down by Microsoft earlier in the year, with Microsoft saying it didn’t have the required level of experience. It has either done enough to prove itself to the company between then and now, or Microsoft is being hurt by lower than expected Windows tablet sales.

There’s no information on when these tablets may see a release, but with CES and Mobile World Congress only a few weeks and months away, we may not have long to wait to find out more details.

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