HTC gives us a glimpse of how the HTC One is made

HTC OneThe HTC One is an unusual smartphone, as it’s one of the few range-topping devices to feature an all-metal chassis, as most Android phones – the brand-new Galaxy S4 included – are made from plastic. Anyone who has picked up an HTC One will know the difference it makes, as the smooth, cool-to-the-touch shell feels fantastic.

To give us an insight into how it produces the One, HTC has released a short making-of video for the phone. The “Zero Break” construction – which is HTC’s way of saying the shell has a unibody design – is highlighted, and we get a look at the special processes introduced for constructing the phone. It’s short, which sadly means we don’t get a good enough look at the etching and machining, and recalls the many similar videos Apple releases when it brings out a new product. This aside, it’s great to see just how much effort HTC went to in order to make the One standout.

The One had a difficult start in life, after being subjected to some last minute delays, however the phone is now on sale with most major UK networks. It’s also available unlocked through retailers such as Clove Technology, where it’s priced at £510 for the 32GB phone, but again, delays may see the phone take several weeks to arrive. HTC needs the One to be a success, as it follows several poor financial quarters.

You can see the HTC One design story video below.

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