HTC drops hints an HTC One Mini is coming soon

HTC LogoSamsung started the ball rolling last year when it released the Galaxy S3 Mini, which shared a similar design to its flagship sister phone, but none of the heavyweight features. Still, it proved popular enough to justify the Galaxy S4 Mini’s release this year, which may also fall short of matching the Galaxy S4’s monster spec, but still manages to be a great phone.

Now, it looks like HTC is planning to join in, as it has teased us with hints regarding a smaller version of its HTC One flagship Android phone. Such a device has been rumoured for a while, but HTC hasn’t confirmed its existence, so this is as close as we’ve got to an official announcement.

It all started yesterday, when HTC posted an infographic on its own blog, entitled, “Little things that pack a BIG punch.” The graphic goes on to describe things that are small and fast, small and strong, and small but extremely powerful. See a theme? It all ends with the words, “Maybe size does matter after all, and smaller can be better.”

This was followed by a tweet from HTC’s senior global online communications manager, saying simply, “If HTC were to announce a smaller HTC One, what would you want in it?” Now, if that’s not convincing evidence, we don’t know what is.

If the rumours surrounding the HTC One Mini pan out, it’s expected to have a 4.3-inch, 720p display, a 1.4GHz processor, an UltraPixel camera, and the latest version of Android. Now all we have to do is wait for its official unveiling, which may not be far away.

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