HTC announces dual-SIM HTC One with expandable memory

HTC One dual SIMHTC has added yet another version of the HTC One to its range. The flagship phone has been given various new colours since it was put on sale earlier this year, with a subtle gold model joining the existing red and blue special editions just a few days ago. This time, there’s change to the hardware itself, but not in the way you could expect.

Instead of changing the processor or enlarging the screen size, HTC has added a dual-SIM option to the One. Dual-SIM phones are popular in many countries around the world, where networks promote offers of cheap calls at certain times, or it’s common to find free call options when talking to someone connected to the same tariff.

However, they’ve never grown in popularity in the UK, despite the benefits working here too, perhaps because the majority of the phones on offer are pretty basic. That’s not the case with the HTC One though, as it has a 4.7-inch, 1080p screen and a quad-core Snapdragon processor. It also looks fantastic.

The dual-SIM slots are found underneath a removable rear panel, where HTC has also added a microSD card slot, which can take cards up to 64GB in size. This is a feature often missing from modern smartphones (the One included), and could be a reason to pick up the HTC One Dual-SIM on its own.

You can pre-order the dual-SIM HTC One from HTC directly now, where it has been priced at £495, although no delivery date is stated.

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    This would be fantastic for business users, switching between personal and business sims or even between UK and non UK sims whilst travelling.