Galaxy S4 Mini up for pre-order, due for arrival in early July

Galaxy S4 MiniThe Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is one of several new phones announced by the prolific manufacturer this month, and although no release date was stated at the time, the device has now appeared as a pre-order with most UK networks and CNet states the device will go on sale July 5.

As always, there are various ways of owning the Galaxy S4 Mini, including monthly contracts and buying it outright. We’ll start with EE, where you can pick up the phone which connects to its 4G network, and it’s available in either white or blue. It’s free on all of EE’s tariffs, which start at £31 per month with unlimited calls, messages, and 500MB of data.

O2 will sell you an S4 Mini for anything up to £350, which comes with a £22 per month contract, but pay £37 per month and you get it for free with unlimited texts, calls and 1GB of data, which isn’t a bad deal. Both T-Mobile and Orange also have the Galaxy S4 Mini up for pre-order too, and prices start at £26 a month with a free phone. If you want to buy one without a contract, Clove Technology will sell you one for £390.

So what do you get for the money? Well, it’s not exactly a Galaxy S4, but it’s a mid-range alternative which shares a similar look. The processor is a 1.7GHz dual-core chip, and the screen measures 4.3-inches with a 960 x 540 pixel resolution. It does run Android 4.2.2, and comes with Samsung’s special software features.

If you’re interested in picking up Samsung’s latest little phone, then pre-ordering now should see it arrive near the beginning of July.

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